Friday, April 22, 2011


Ron Sunshine & His Orchestra - 9:30pm to 1:00am

Swing 46
Click the link above for a little taste of their music....
349 West 46th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues)
New York, NY 10036

Price: $12 - $15

Ron says: "This is the most fun I can have (legally) in public. This band is my dream come true. 10-piece band, live on stage for your listening and dancing pleasure. Call 212-262-9554 for ticket info, or dinner reservations. Or, just show up!
Summer is comin' folks and like many people who love NYC at that time of year, the bohemian in me blossoms around early spring. Flouncy prarie skirts and cowboy boots, the urge to run barefoot through green grass and then the abject terror of trying to find a place to wash off my feet in Central Park. Yikes! However, SummrStage is one of the BEST parts of summer, so here's a link of fun gatherings they've planned for 2011.

Tuesday May 31, 2011
Ray Lamontagne & the Pariah Dogs at Rumsey Playfield, Central Park

Just found out he is ALREADY SOLD OUT, but I'm posting him anyway...his tor schedule is at the bottom for you Summer Tour Followers lucky enough to trail your fave bands around...*sniff* *weep* *Bawl!* Lord I wanted to see this gentleman this year. Oh well, guess I'll ave to tak atrip to Canada after all this Spring!
Ray Lamontagne & the Pariah Dogs
Brandi Carlile
Ray LaMontagne
Parish Dogs


Rumsey Playfield, Central Park at 5th Avenue And 72nd Street
New York, NY, US 10022

For a taste, here's his Ray's Tour Schedule + New Album Link(recorded in Boerne Texas on Nicklaus' Family Ranch (a historical preservation spot), for all you vamps out there)